Be Outstanding: The Essential Home Care Quality Guide


Open for pre-sale – Due for release Monday 21 October 2019

The Essential Home Care Quality Guide is a guide like no other! This unique guide builds upon analysis of an entire year of Outstanding Homecare Care Quality Commission reports.

The first section of the guide outlines the specific areas most frequently identified by the Care Quality Commission in each of the five Key Lines of Enquiry. It shows you the areas of most relevance, what constitutes ‘Outstanding’ practice in these areas and what practical steps can be taken to apply these to your own practice. The second part of the guide gives a detailed account of the research process and the findings as well as providing a wider national picture of the current state of homecare in England.

“A vital purchase, if you want to know exactly what CQC notice when rating home care providers outstanding”. – Angela Fletcher, CEO of Happy Futures. Rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC.

By Samuel Barrington & Louie Werth

Please note: This product is currently open for pre-sale, and is not due to be shipped until Monday 21 October 2019.