Our Chief Executive, Samuel Barrington often get asked about mentoring newly self employed care quality consultants & start up consultancy firms like ours.

Here are his 5 top tips to get you started:

  1. Branding – it’s important. From your logo to your website. You need a strong brand image that looks and actually is professional. If design and marketing is not your thing, find recommendations for someone who is great at it.
  2. ‘Burn your boats’. If you are setting up as a self employed/freelance consultant or start up consultancy company, put all your focus into that goal and don’t get tempted by salaried employed roles. Turn off your job alerts, unless you are using them to help you find freelance self employed contracts / work.
  3. Think about tactics and methods that just didn’t work in your previous employed roles and do the absolute opposite,(or just do it your own way this time).
  4. Set budgets! Also get a very credible accountant. It’s better to pay for quality service and expertise. I also have a management accountant to provide quarterly management accounts to keep me on track. I’m terrible with figures.
  5. Accept you will make mistakes. You will definitely make them. It’s how you deal with them that matters.And ENJOY it!